Sue Yarworth

Personal Music is Nothing New

The Astraltune Stereopack predated the iPhone by 40 years. By Jeff Blumenfeld, Skiing History It happens time and again. You’re on a quad alone with another skier or rider and start up a friendly conversation. Nothing too serious. No politics. “Great day, huh?” No response. Not even a nod. Then there it is: the telltale […]

Enjoy Winter’s Playground (Safely)

Story and Photos by Vicki Hoefling Andersen
High on Adventure, January 2018 Snow-clad mountains and the recreational opportunities they offer draw many enthusiasts into a winter world that stimulates and delights. But to the unwary it can be a harbinger of misery leaving you vulnerable to a potentially hostile environment. With some basic knowledge of what […]

Outdoor Adventures: Fat biking is getting noticed in N.H.

by Marty Basch, The Concord Monitor, January 28, 2017 With monster tires, they roll along on snow, dressed in layers looking like a child born to a cross- country skier and snowmobiler union. Fittingly, that’s where you tend to see these hardy two-wheeling riders, spinning along the groomed trails of Nordic touring centers and pathways […]