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The North American Snowsports Journalists Association

Who we are

The North American Snowsports Journalists Association (NASJA) is a professional group of close to 200 press and corporate members. Press members include writers, photographers and other communicators who report on ski, snowboard and Nordic related news, information and features via various media outlets. Corporate members include media contacts or employees of ski resorts, convention and visitor associations, manufacturers and others who have a commercial interest in the journalistic coverage of winter sports.

NASJA is committed to encouraging and increasing diversity and inclusivity in snowsports, and welcomes these unique perspectives and experiences, since clearly, the winter playgrounds are for everyone.

–NASJA’s Mission Statement, Spring 2021

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NASJA's History

New England Ski Show 1964 New-England-Ski-Show-1964

The organization was founded in 1963 as the United States Ski Writers Association (USSWA). The name was changed to North Amercian Snowsports Journalist Association NASJA in 1990 to better reflect the geographic diversity of the membership and range of members work. Carson White (SF Examiner) was USSWA’s first president. He was also the first president of the Northern California and Nevada Sports Writers Association formed in 1956. In 1994, the Golden Quill Award was renamed in his honor.

Watch NASJA’s 50th anniversary video on Vimeo by clicking below.