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Mr. Big Vanilla

Mr. Big Vanilla

Broadway lensman Werner J. Kuhn ran the patrol, taught first aid and shot PR photos at a popular Catskills ski area. by By Jeff Blumenfeld, originally published in Skiing History, May-June 2018 The image was typical of ski area publicity photos of the early 1960s. That was when skiers, our Long Island family included, received coverage […]

A mountain rises: West is being revitalized

‘Once ailing, the local ski resort has promising future’ By Phil Johnson, originally published in The Daily Gazette, March 8, 2018 The news from West Mountain continues to be good. It wasn’t that long ago when talk about the Glens Falls ski area focused on the need for a rescue mission: It was floundering, with […]

Skiing to the Poles-Part Two

By Jeff Blumenfeld, January-February 2018, In Part I of this two-part article, which appeared in the November-December issue of Skiing History, author Jeff Blumen- feld explained how skis played a critical role in the Arctic and polar expeditions of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Part II looks at the role of skis in modern-day […]