Scott DW Smith

Member Benefits

NASJA, the North American Snowsports Journalists Association, is an organization of travel writers, photographers, meteorologists, communicators, influencers and corporate members who share ideas, network and meet to learn about the ski industry in ways that go beyond what’s obvious. As the sport’s leading communications group in the country, almost 60 years old, NASJA plays an important role in the snowsports community that can be promotional, investigative and informative to industry representatives  and enthusiasts alike. NASJA communicators publish content in print, radio, blogs, websites and video to drive awareness and participation in snowsports.

Benefits of NASJA membership include:

  • Networking: Media and corporate members, in addition to ski/snowboard industry personnel, such as resort executives, product suppliers, media buyers and travel experts, are active in NASJA. We mingle at media events, conference-style meetings, on the chairlift or on Nordic or snowshoe trails, at “après” gatherings and other casual settings. This provides opportunities to create additional content and place member content in more outlets.
  • Access to NASJA Activities & Events – NASJA meetings, organized media trips, and special events such as the NASJA Western Winter Summit provide extensive content ideas and networking opportunities. NASJA active press members also have access to industry trade shows and consumer ski and snowboard expos.
  • Website, Social Media & Newsletters: The NASJA website is a resource for members with Upcoming and Past Meeting information, exposure via the Member Showcase and Clipbook and featured postings, which are often also posted on NASJA’s social media outlets. “Insider” newsletters contain information on NASJA and snowsports activities to provide members information about industry trends and news, suggesting new outlets to pitch stories.
  • NASJA Directory & Membership Lists: Have access to NASJA corporate and media membership lists to attain more content outlets.
  • Professional Development: Attend NASJA professional development workshops that are coordinated often with other industry organizations and feature topics of relevance to the industry.
  • Industry Discounts: NASJA members are eligible for discounts on industry-related brands to save members money. Discounts have included snowsport products with ExpertVoice (formerly Experticity), IPA Connect, Sunlight pass, MasterFit University products, and more. Refer to recent newsletters for updates.
  • Peer Recognition: NASJA hosts a number of awards that recognize outstanding members for their contribution to snowsports journalism and resort marketing.
  • Corporate member exposure: Receive the NASJA media list to send out news about products, events and related information.