Credit: Minimum Credentials for Active Members

Minimum Credentials for Active Members

You qualify as an active NASJA member if you meet one of the following:

  • Published and/or sold one to three by-lined articles (depending on publication; one for bigger outlets and three for smaller), photographs, videos or illustrations on snow sports related subjects in a season. Work can be in any type of media.
  • Published a book on snow sports in the past two years with updates every five years. It can be consumer or trade oriented in print or electronic version.
  • Meet criteria for “press category” active blog or website and meet basic standards for the establishment of active website with frequently updated original content about snow sports, proof of audience engagement, and strong social media presence.
  • worked as an editor employed by media outlets that publish editorial material on snow sports.
  • worked as a publisher who has produced annual or monthly publications, websites, reports or programs that cover snow sports.