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Nordic Skiing

NASJA Member Showcase: Nordic Skiing

For almost 60 years, NASJA snowsports journalists have covered the world of downhill, cross-country, snowboarding, telemarking, in fact, almost every conceivable way to enjoy the white winter world. That’s never more true today, with a wide range of media outlets available, from traditional print media, to podcasts, blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Below you’ll find both an alphabetized list by author, as well as geographic and product categories. In this manner, member work is available for all to see. 

NASJA members chose what to share here and it is by no means exhaustive or representative of the entire breadth of the membership’s work. Still, it’s a quick, invigorating and fun glimpse into the world of snowsports journalism. Enjoy!

Please note all work is copyrighted. Any use requires the express consent of the author or photographer. If you have work you would like to submit to the Member Showcase, use this link: https://www.nasja.org/showcase/add-a-showcase-item/

AuthorDevlin, Iseult

Published Work:
  • Affordable Nordic Ski Vacations New England
    Nordic Skiing : Boston Globe | Read the article

AuthorFranz, Janet

Published Work:
  • Strong Finish: Professor Karen Westervelt Keeps Team USA Biathlon Juniors On Target
    Nordic Skiing : UVM College of Nursing and Heath Sciences | Read the article

AuthorGriff, Martin

Published Work:
  • Add Cross Country Skiing to Your Winter Activity Mix
    Nordic Skiing : Brave Ski Mom | Read the article

AuthorLohr, Roger

Published Work:
  • Social Distancing & Reducing Worry Amid COVID-19
    Nordic Skiing : XC SKi Resorts | Read the article

AuthorShinn, Peggy

Published Work:
  • Kikkan Randall Jessie Diggins Win Team USA’s First Women’s Cross Country Skiing Olympic Medal
    Nordic Skiing : Team USA | Read the article
  • World Class: The Making of the U.S. Women’s Cross-Country Ski Team
    Nordic Skiing : Amazon | Read the article

AuthorWallen, Joan

Published Work:
  • Great Glen Your Get Active Potion
    Nordic Skiing : New England Ski Journal | Read the article

AuthorWiesel, Jonathan

Published Work: