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Is the news release dead? Well, not exactly. In fact it’s thriving. But a North American Snowsports Journalists Association (NASJA) online forum on Tuesday, December 13 will explore the topic of how PR pros and journalists alike communicate today.

The NASJA professional development forum is open to all journalists and communications professionals as four leaders share their views on the topic in an hour-long webinar.

While the traditional news release is still a vital tool, publicists today utilize myriad tools to tell their story. What’s new? What’s working? NASJA panel moderator Tom Kelly will explore that with leading ski and outdoor industry PR pros and journalists.

Kelly, a lifelong ski industry communicator as both a publicist and a journalist, will moderate the discussion. Panelists include highly-respected outdoor industry PR leader Chris Goddard, Vail Resorts Senior Director of Communications Lindsay Hogan, innovative journalist and host of the Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast Stuart Winchester, and Ski Area Management Editor Katie Brinton. Brinton’s SAM Magazine was one of the catalysts with its November story “Is the Press Release Dead” by Canadian outdoors journalist Steven Threndyle..

“I’m exhilarated by the evolution of content today and how many new ways we can communicate,” said Kelly, the longtime spokesperson for the U.S. Olympic Ski & Snowboard Team. “In each of their own ways, the panel will explore the options on how we can tell stories of our sport to participants.”

The panel is a part of NASJA’s ongoing professional development programs, designed primarily for its members. But this session is open to the public, hoping to attract other outdoor industry writers and communicators.

Tom Kelly (Panel Moderator) has worked in ski industry communications for decades, both as a PR pro and a journalist.

Chris Goddard is a highly-respected outdoor industry PR professional and the owner of CGPR.

Lindsay Hogan is the senior director of communications for Vail Resorts who worked previously in a similar role for the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

Stuart Winchester is an innovative ski journalist and NASJA member who hosts the Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast.

Katie Brinton is a NASJA member who serves as senior editor of SAM Magazine (Ski Area Management), a leading journal on the business of the industry.

“Is the News Release Dead?”
NASJA Professional Development Webinar
Tuesday, Dec. 13 – 7:00-8:00 p.m. EST
Zoom Forum Link

The North American Snowsports Journalists Association (NASJA) is a professional group of close to 200 press and corporate members. Press members include writers, photographers and other communicators who report on ski, snowboard and Nordic related news, information and features via various media outlets. Corporate members include media contacts or employees of ski resorts, convention and visitor associations, manufacturers and others who have a commercial interest in the journalistic coverage of winter sports.

NASJA is committed to encouraging and increasing diversity and inclusivity in snowsports, and welcomes these unique perspectives and experiences, since clearly, the winter playgrounds are for everyone.


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