Credit: 2016 - 2017 Harold Hirsch Award - Call for Entries

2016 – 2017 Harold Hirsch Award – Call for Entries

The entry deadline for the Harold Hirsch Awards is October 15. Please read the guidelines below. There is a $10 entry fee. You may submit your entry by email to and pay your fee securely online through the form below, or you can download and mail your entry and fee.



The annual NASJA competition for Excellence in Journalism is named for its founder, the late Harold S. Hirsch, ski clothing pioneer and founder of White Stag. This award is open to all active NASJA press members.

Categories emphasize the type of work produced rather than the media in which it appears. For example, features competes against features regardless of where it appeared in —newspaper, magazine or online.

All work must have been published/broadcast between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Entries should cover one of the many aspects of snowsports including skiing, snowboarding, Nordic, snowshoeing, tubing, product trends and other related winter activities. You may submit one entry per category and all entries must show proof of publication including outlet name, your byline/credit, and publication date.

Please be sure to select the appropriate category for your work.

Blogs: A complete body of content which may contain, but is not limited to, commentary, audio, video, links, graphics, and reader interaction. Contestants should be the publisher of the blog or have responsibility for most of the content on the site. If you only contribute columns, features, photos or video to the blog, you should enter your work in those categories. Contestants should email a link to the Blog to the contest administrator.

Columns: Regularly scheduled, bylined writing that reflects the author’s point of view. Generally, Columns are not considered Feature Writing and should not be entered in that category. Contestants should submit up to three columns which can be emailed as a PDF (preferred) or mailed in hardcopy form. Do not send links.

Features: Stories, profiles, interviews, general features, objective or narrative pieces; sidebars may be included. Contestants should submit three feature pieces which can be emailed as a PDF (preferred) or mailed in hardcopy form. Please do not send links.

Photography: Toning, cropping and elimination of dust spots are allowed. Photos are eligible if they have been manipulated to distort the image or have had elements digitally added or removed but must clearly be labeled or appear as an obvious photo illustration. Several images of the same subject published together may be entered but will count as one item. Once a photo has been entered in the Hirsch contest it is ineligible for future contests even if published in subsequent years. Contestants should submit three to five photographs (as a JPG) or photojournalist stories (as a PDF) which can be emailed (preferred) or mailed on a CD/flash drive along with a PDF of the proofs of publication. Please do not send links.

Video: Can include still images and audio in the video. The work can have been broadcast, viewed in theaters, and/or distributed by Internet or portable digital media. Contestants should submit one of following:

  • four videos totaling at least 4 but no more than 20 minutes
  • or – two videos totaling at least 20 but no more than 40 minutes
  • or – one video totaling at least 30 minutes in length

Email links to online video (preferred) to, Dropbox the files (must be a .mov, .avi or .mp4 file), or send three checked-and-verified Standard NTSC DVDs recorded in (DVD-) format. Include the date it was made available and how your work was distributed to the public.

Use of digital files submitted via email is encouraged and preferred where indicated. Links are required for Blogs and preferred for Video entries. Contestants must provide proof of publication in either digital or hardcopy form, emailed or mailed with the Entry Form and Entry Fee. No additional proof of publication is required for Blogs or Videos when links are supplied to the website where the video resides. If unable to access published work in digital form to submit as a PDF nor unable to scan your print material, hardcopy entries are accepted as long as they are no larger than 8.5” x 11”; they will be scanned for the judges. If you would like your hardcopy or CD/flash drive entries returned, please include an SASE. For Books, please see note under “Entry Fee”.


For work distributed on a website, the site must be of a standard that meets NASJA membership requirements. Work does not qualify if appears only on a personal website set up to keep in touch with family and friends. The Contest Administrator and NASJA Board will make the final call in questionable cases. Entries will be judged on content, creativity, production quality and subject matter.

Deadline: All entries, whether electronically submitted or mailed/shipped, must be received by October 15, 2017.

Publish Dates: Entries must have been published, broadcast, or made available to the public between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

Entry Fee: Entries must be accompanied by a fee of US$10 per category, payable to NASJA via check or money order. You may also pay your entry fee online at

Judging: Judges are distinguished journalism professors, writers, photographers and/or editors who participate in or are knowledgeable about snowsports. The list of judges and their bios will be made available at time of judging announcement. All decisions are final.

Winners: Winners in each category will be announced in December 2017.