An organization of authors, photographers, videographers
and broadcasters who report on skiing, snow boarding and related topics.


History Project

ESWA celebrates its 50th Anniversary during the 2012-2013 season.

In the spring of 1959, five people gathered in Jacquie Jones' New Hampshire kitchen and talked about starting a professional ski writers organization. The first official meeting was in March 1963 at Stowe Mountain, Vermont.

To commemorate the occasion, ESWA will publish a book that captures the tales of 50 years of snow writing and the members who educated the public on so many aspects of the world of skiing and snowboarding. Also in the works is a video of ESWA moments as well as a photo slideshow to be shown at the Mount Snow meeting, February 1-3, 2013.

50th Anniversary Book
The book is a compilation of famous published pieces by members as well as new accounts of ESWA moments and ski industry histories. From the story of snowmaking and grooming to a 50 years' trend piece to the history of ESWA's Golden Ski Award, there are plenty of articles of snow sports' greats as well as industry reflections to make the book a delightful read for members and for the general public.

Chapter One features an abbreviated history of the organization with a timeline capturing the best highlights from the 50 years. Other chapters include ESWA Moments with stories of the spectacular trips to Las Lenas and New Zealand that will make you wish you had been there. There are memories of members who are no longer with us with tributes to their contributions as well as interviews of past and honorary members in the chapter They Remember and We Remember. Some fun moments are humorously captured and you'll laugh out loud when reading about the Great Male Dance Off with equally funny photos. There are even memories of some of the organization's more contentious moments-poignant and amusing, too.

The book is more than a bio of members, it contains published pieces by members and some stellar information that will serve members' interests. From the story of snowmaking to a 50 years' trends piece to the history of the Golden Ski Award, this compilation has something for everyone. Profiles and stories of skiing greats and thoughtful reflections on snow sports make this a volume that is sure to be a delightful read for members as well as the public relations people we will be sending it to.
"The hope is that this project will honor the organization's history as a family of ski writers, while providing worthwhile connections for members, both press and corporate," said book editor Karen Lorentz.

She noted that longtime ESWA stalwart Pat Turner Kavanaugh has made personal contact with a "ton of members, past and present," and "as a result, we will have a very complete book that features a great variety of stories because so many people are contributing to it."

The book is due to be out by February 1, 2013 and will be presented at the Mount Snow meeting February 1-3, 2013.