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I could go on press trips but with NASJA I get to see old friends while still having access to places I might not have traveled to on my own. Meanwhile, on these trips, I have stumbled upon story ideas I didn't know were there until I found them.
--Yvette Cardozo, NASJA West

Let's see… With NASJA, I've skied New Hampshire,Vermont, Colorado, California, British Columbia. Because of NASJA, I've also skied France, Italy, Scotland, Montana, Idaho, Maine, Alberta and maybe a dozen or so other snowy places.
-- Jules Older, Ph.D, NASJA West, 5 Time Harold S. Hirsch Award Winner

When you love snow, the places you can go. My mantra and now--thanks to NASJA--my mission. Since joining NASJA I've skied resorts large and small from British Columbia to New Hampshire. But it's not just the breadth of NASJA snow experiences that bring value to this organization, it's the depth too. We've glided down mountains and rivers; we've dined in castles and yurts; and best of all we've had the inside story on the places and people to fill a scrapbook of story material that otherwise would never be possible. 
--Frida Waara, NASJA Midwest
Check out the locations on our list of Annual General Meetings and you'll see a travel itinerary to die for. We've been back and forth across the continent in the last 15 years and have visited some of the best resorts. NASJA members have had experiences worth writing about -- oh, yeah, that's what we do -- in a dozen states and provinces. Our eyes have been opened to a number of great locations over the years.
 --Bob Cox, NASJA West, Past President NASJA, 7 Time Harold S. Hirsch Award Winner


Photo courtesy of Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort. NASJA member since 1998
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