NASJA means Professional Development


NASJA has given me several venues for professional development, including seminars at national meetings, dinner conversations after spending some time on the slopes, and e-mail discussions. Through NASJA I have learned more about the snow resort industry and how to more effectively use social media platforms.
-- John LaPlante, NASJA Midwest

I have made contacts with both media and industry people that have been invaluable and in one case, led to many years of submitting stories to their newspaper and connected syndicate network.
 --Yvette Cardozo, NASJA West

I believe I’ve got just about all my ski-writing and editing jobs through NASJA. Without the organization, I'd be a poorer man today.
--Jules Older, Ph.D., NASJA West, 5 Time Harold S. Hirsch Award Winner




Photo courtesy of Big White Ski Resort. NASJA member since 1998
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