NASJA Means Friendship


My wife Debbie, is always hoping I'll meet more and more friends to ski with, because she knows how much I enjoy sharing my love for skiing with other people. Well, my first NASJA national meeting took care of that. It's been great to connect with kindred spirits that share a passion for the sport we all love.
--Richie Silver, Eastern Ski Writers Association

When I joined NASJA, lo these many years ago, I was but a callow youth. I quickly saw that I was in the company of oldiess who had learned the secret of enjoying old age. Now that I'm one of those oldies, I'm applying what I learned. Still skiing at 72, sonny-boy, and enjoying the hell out of it.
— Jules Older, Ph.D, NASJA West, 5 Time Harold S. Hirsch Award Winner

Photo by Frida Waara. NASJA member since 1997
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