NASJA Contacts

2017-2018 Board of Directors

President: - Iseult Devlin
Vice President - Bob Cox -
Vice President - Dan Giesen
Past President: Martin Griff
Corporate Liaison: Jeff Wise
Executive Secretary-Treasurer: Vicki Andersen

Alphabetical listings

Annual meetings: TBD - if you want to become an event sponsor, recommend meeting venues or programs, or to bid for an annual meeting. Also see the Meetings section of this website.

Awards: See listings under the individual awards, Harold S. Hirsch, Lifetime Achievement, Paul Robbins Outstanding Competitor, Bob Gillen Memorial and Carson White Golden Quill.

Budget: John Naye and Vicki Andersen,

Carson White Golden Quill Award:Vicki Andersen, to nominate deserving people for this award. Also see the Awards section of this site

Company Store: Mike Roth

Constitution: "Constitutional Reviewer": Ed Blumstein

Corporate Liaison: Jeff Wise

Cross-country committee: TBD

Other questions: Vicki Andersen

Hall of Fame: Frida Waara our liaison with the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame in Michigan, where our awards are displayed

Bob Gillen Memorial Award:Vicki Andersen,

Harold S. Hirsch Awards: Vicki Andersen,

Web Site: Peter Hines

Lifetime Achievement Award:Vicki Andersen,

Outstanding Competitor Award:Vicki Andersen,

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