The Company Store

The Company Store offers NASJA press and corporate members specially priced snowsports equipment for their personal use only (not for family members or friends).

To purchase from The Comany Store you must request and complete a VIP form for each item you wish to buy. It is your sole responsibility to determine the brand, model and size you require by referring to the URLs listed after each manufacturer.

Instructions for purchasing items vary according to manufacturer and are printed on each form. There is also a $5 processing fee payable to NASJA East. To order your VIP forms for the items you wish to purchase, use a copy of the request sheet. Then circle the appropriate manufacturer, sign the agreement statement and mail it with your $5 check made payable to NASJA East to:

Mike Roth,
16 Cherry Lane,
Clifton Park, New York

The requested forms will then be mailed to you.

Please, no telephone requests

General questions about The Company Store & how it works are accepted by email or snail mail. For a prompt reply, send your email to both &

Printable Request Form

The NASJA ProMotive Team

Manufacturers want to get discounted gear into the hands of people like you – people with the professional and personal relationships that allow them to truly influence sales. Our partnership offers deep discounts on over 260 name brands.

Go to our ProMotive team page and click “Join This Team” to gain free access to these NASJA membership benefits.

SportStar ProSales

Another great opportunity for NASJA members, this website is easy to access. Simply visit SportstarProSales and follow the login information provided in the Members Only section of this website.


Photo by Peter Hines. NASJA member since 2010.
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